• July 25, 2022 8:58 pm
  • West Palm Beach, Florida
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Akona Womens 7mm Quantum Stretch Full Wetsuit Glued and Blind Stitched


Enjoy this great wetsuit on your next diving or snorkeling adventure. This is an awesome Akona 7mm Quantum Super-Stretch Full Wetsuit designed for extreme comfort!!!




  • Condition : New
  • Equipment Type : Other
  • Entire suit made from 7mm 4-way super-stretch neoprene for extreme comfort
  • Slick glide-skin materials
  • Tough exterior construction
  • Glue and blind stitching throughout the suit
  • Glide-skin neck, wrist and ankle seals minimize water entry and flushing of the suit
  • The neck, wrists and ankles of these AKONA wetsuits are flush- cut for this purpose
  • The extremely slick surface and flexible properties of the glide- skin material enable the wearer to enter and exit the suit with ease
  • YKK #10 brass zipper with pull leash in back
  • Unique zipper design utilizes dual rubber strips to additionally seal the zipper opening when closed, creating a water resistant closure
  • Low profile zipper flap folds over a closed zipper to further seal and secure the zipper in its closed position
  • Our uniquely designed and stylistic knee pads provide exceptional grip and durability
  • Knee pad material is fully flexible, and has a hydrodynamic low profile
  • AKONA Grab Shoulder material provides superior wear and scuff protection
  • Designed to grip a buoyancy compensator to reduce shifting, the Grab Shoulders create a snug and movement-free fit
  • The unique pattern of the Grab Shoulder material also prevents excessive stretching of the suit when hung to dry