CHOUEER is committed to using innovation to reduce the extra hassle of pet ownership.
With solutions such as smart litter boxes, smart feeders and smart waterers, CHOUEER brings a simpler pet- keeping life to multi-pet households, senior citizens and families with scarce time to care for their cats.

Choueer is known for producing high-quality pet supplies with comfort, freedom, and safety. Giving you and your pet more enjoyable walks, hikes, or commutes is our ultimate mission.

We value the long-term happiness of our staff and our beloved pets. We enjoy the company of our pets and we all love spending some quality time with them at home. At work, on the other hand, happiness is our shared responsibility, it is also the key to ensuring the services and products we offer. We want you to feel happy, too! With choueer’s pet essentials, we make litter cleanup, grooming and outdoor activities more enjoyable, for both you and your pets!

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