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Deathstalker remake plot involves Dreadites and an ancient sorcerer

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Back in 1983, legendary producer Roger Corman brought the world a sword and sorcery film with an awesome title: Deathstalker. It was so successful, it paved the way for three sequels: Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans (1987), Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell (1988), and Deathstalker IV: Match of the Titans (1991). The franchise went dormant for more than thirty years, but earlier this month we learned that it’s being revived by filmmaker Steven Kostanski – whose previous credits include Manborg, Father’s Day, The Void, Leprechaun Returns, Psycho Goreman, and episodes of the short-lived Day of the Dead TV series. Kostanski is writing and directing a Deathstalker remake that has Daniel Bernhardt (John Wick) on board to play the title character… and now more details on the plot have been revealed!

When the project was announced, we heard a Kickstarter campaign would be raising funds to help Kostanski’s Action Pants FX shop create the monsters that will be populating the film’s fantasy setting. That campaign is now live, and that’s where some details on the plot were spilled.

Here’s what the Deathstalker remake is about: The Kingdom of Abraxeon is under siege from The Dreadites, a mysterious horde of warriors, whose sudden appearance is rumored to foretell the return of Nekromemnon, an ancient sorcerer long thought dead. Such times of chaos are times of fortune for men like Deathstalker who, having broken ties with all guilds and banners, now ekes an existence from the spoils recovered in the wake of Dreadite attacks. Our story begins when Deathstalker unknowingly recovers an enchanted amulet from a corpse-ridden battlefield, and finds himself cursed by an arcane magick. Now pursued by a monstrous clan of assassins at the behest of the Dreadite scourge, Deathstalker is forced into a perilous quest to reverse the curse and rid the realm of evil. Death is just the beginning… of great adventure!

The campaign also confirms that artist Boris Vallejo, who painted posters for all four of the previous Deathstalker movies, will be creating the poster for this one as well.

In addition to this film, there’s also going to be a Deathstalker comic book series from Vault Comics. Kostanski is on the comic’s creative team with writer Tim Seeley, artist Jim Terry, and Slash of Guns N’ Roses.

The Deathstalker remake is coming our way from Hangar 18 Media. Pasha Patriki, Avi Federgreen, and Michael Pazst are producing the film, with Slash and Rodrigo Gudiño of Berserkergang Films serving as executive producers alongside Andrew Thomas Hunt, James Fler, Josh Viola, and Peter Kuplowsky. Scott Weatherall is an associate producer and Melissa A. Smith a co-producer. Raven Banner will be handling international sales and Canadian distribution.

What do you think of the Deathstalker remake plot details? Will you be contributing to the Kickstarter campaign? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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